Cabo of the Gata - Nijar

Natural park

Cabo of The Gata in Nijar, province of Almeria, Andalusia


  The Natural Park Cabo de Gata is or of the natural spaces where less precipitations take place to the year, which causes that they as much inhabit in him species of singular flora as of fauna.

  It is a marine-terrestrial natural space protected, made up of rocky bottoms, prairies of volcanic oceanic Posidonia and formation, most important of Spain.

  The vegetation of the natural park is related to the rain shortage and the salinity of the ground closely, emphasizing saladares next to the salt mines, azufaifares and palmitares.

  The birds have in the Salt mines of Cabo de Gata a fundamental habitat. The entrance from the water to the salt mines allows the access to multitude of alive beings who constitute the food of the aquatic birds. In them we can find an ample population of flamenco rose, populations of limícolas like the avoceta, the stork or chorlitejo patinegro.

  The estepáricas zones show the most barren landscape and nevertheless larks of Dupont, colladas, woodlarks and stone curlews welcome a rich fauna filled with peculiarities appearing, among others. On the other hand the fluvial channels constitute the drinking troughs of the vertebrate community and are the habitat of species like the viperine snake and galápago leprous.

  In the high zones of the mountain range, the birds predatory form the group of greater interest: perdicera eagle, real owl and hawk pilgrim. In addition we found a good one I number of mammals that are, except the wild boar, normally of median and small stature: Moorish sprocket wheel, weasel, tejon and gineta.

  This mountainous area of volcanic nature next to the coast, forms cliffs of great spectacularity that alternate with coves and beaches and in which they distinguish formation volcanic of great interest like chimneys, disjunctions columnares, boilers…

  The wealth of the ethnographic and cultural legacy of the Park is enormous. They emphasize the elements related to agriculture and the cattle ranch (wind mills, chain dumps, wells….), the rest related to the mining industry like the mining town of Rodalquilar and numerous constructions related to the coastal defense (towers, castles and strengths like the one of San Felipe) that constitute an important part of the cultural patrimony of Almeria

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