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Mérida is the capital of Extremadura


    Publio Carisio by order of August Octavio emperor, decided to seat the veteran soldiers of the Legions V Alaudae and X Germinate in center in year 25 to C. of the frontier region and to borders of Guadiana laughed, with the Roman empire was born August, capital Emérita of the Lusitania, one of the three provinces in which the Roman Hispania was divided.

  The suevos in the s. V made capital, as well as the visigodos, became legal, economic, military and cultural a nucleus, getting to consider itself or of the administrative but important centers of the peninsular West.

  In the century I SAW and with Mausona of bishop, it definitively roots the Christianity with devotion to Santa Eulalia, employer of the City.

  Merida is one of the cities with tourist attractive major of the region, thanks to its immense archaeological wealth. UNESCO, in 1993, declares Patrimony of the Humanity.

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