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Costa Brava, the Pyrenean of Gerona

  Welcome to the emotion to discover one of the variable and rich zones more in nature, history and culture of old Europe. In this territory of unsuspected enclaves all the beauty is transformed and the exotismo of the encounter between the character of the Pyrenees and the subtility of the Mediterranean

  There is no a single valley that does not hide a hermitage, nor cove that does not shelter town of fishermen. To discover the sign of old cultures, gastronomical traditions and activities derived from our hospitality is a challenge that no anxious spirit can reject. Try to submerge in the heart of the Costa Brava and the Pyrenean of Gerona

Pyrenean of Gerona Costa Brava

  It goes where it goes can enjoy the natural kitchen, traditional, sophisticated, creative and even brilliant, are combined products of the sea and the mountain, all this without resigning to the peculiarity of each zone.

  The wealth of the Romance architecture extends by but hidden corners of the gerundenses regions, the great amount of Romance vestiges conserved in the Costa Brava and the Pyrenean one of Gerona allow to fit the itineraries to the preferences of the visitor

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